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Mt. Lorne
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Mt. Lorne Growers Group 2018 - Welcome to the Market - Garden!

May 22

Public Meeting: Proposed Exploration Activities

May 23

Wildland Fire Preparation

June 2

Volunteer Work Day

June 12

Summer Night Concert: Winona Wilde

July 22

MisAdventure Fun Run


LMCC Facility Rental

Community hall, kitchen, outdoor pavilion, showers, camp area - everything for your special event. Book now for next summer. Check here for rates and more info or call 667-7083


Are available at LMCC. Members can get access to our coin operated showers. Interested? Please contact Agnes for the access code. 667-7083


Mt. Lorne, Yukon

The Hamlet of Mt. Lorne extends from just south of the junction of the Alaska and Klondike Highways to south of Bear Creek, and down the Annie Lake Road to the Wheaton River bridge. It covers an area of 245 square kilometres with a population of 437 people.

The Mt. Lorne area has a rich history. Carcross/Tagish and Kwanlin Dun First Nations people have a long tradition of hunting and gathering in this region. In 1992, an archaeological dig at Annie Lake discovered remains of campsites dating back over 8000 years.

Easy access to trails in the Watson and Wheaton river valleys has made the area popular to hikers and other back-country enthusiasts and tales of big snow have made Mt. Lorne a favoured area for mushers training for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod.

Solar Project at LMCC

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Healthy Living in My Community of Mount Lorne
Arctic Institute of Community Based Research

Proposed Exploration Activities
Red Ridge and Mt. Anderson Properties
Apex Resources Inc.

Hosted by: Carl Schulze of Aurora Geosciences Ltd.
Tuesday, May 22nd, 7 pm

Carl Schulze, Project Manager with Aurora Geosciences Ltd. will describe proposed exploration activities on the Red Ridge and Mt. Anderson properties.

Both projects are operated by Apex Resources Inc., a junior mining company based in Vancouver, which has contracted Aurora to conduct permitting and exploration.

Powerpoint presentation followed by question and answer period.

Refreshments provided.

All residents of the Hamlet of Mt. Lorne welcome.
Dear Residents of Mt Lorne,

Residents of Mt. Lorne have expressed an interest in a local public water supply system. We would like to expand our understanding of how your household would use an official, regulated public water supply, and what type of supply system would best meet residents’ needs. The Department of Community Services, with the Hamlet Council, has prepared this survey. 

Please go to the following link to complete this survey: Mt. Lorne Community Drinking Water Survey

Surveys are due by May 30th.

Thank you for participating,

Hamlet of Mt. Lorne Local Advisory Council

Membership Renewal is on!

Hello all..

We are getting ready for another year of great things to happen here at LMCC

And it all starts with our members  !!

THANK YOU to the over 140 families that signed up last year... And hope to see all of you involved again…

IF NOTHING has changed with your information, please use the SHORT FORM

For new members or if things have changed, please use the FULL FORM


  • print and fill out appropriate form..
  • mail it back with cash or cheque, drop it off in mailbox
  • Or email back a signed pdf and pay by e deposit to lmca@northwestel.net

See you all out here soon!

Lorne Mountain Community Association
Box 10009, Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 7A1
Phone: (867) 667-7083
e-mail: lmca@northwestel.net

What if no one volunteered to work on the
Lorne Mt. Community Association,
sit on the Hamlet Council
or become a Volunteer Firefighter?
Who would then be there
to hear your concerns
and help you?

Be a Hero in your Community

We had great programming and events throughout this year and

LMCA would like to thank:

YTG - Community Youth Activities

Lotteries Yukon - Community Lottery Program

Sports and Recreation Department YTG / Community Services for all their support in keeping our great facilities going!

Growing Forward 2 / YTG Agriculture Branch for supporting our Northern Backyard Garden Series

CPVSTF - Crime Prevention Victim Service Trust Fund for our Moms and Girls Club

Heritage Canada - Canada Day Celebration funding

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