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Learning Lions

Homeschooler's get together

Learning Lions is a group of home-schooling families that meet every Friday from 1:30 - 3:30 pm at the Lorne Mt. Community Center for games and activities. Families are welcome to come once or every week depending on what is right for their family. Activities include co-operative games, sports, crafts and larger themed based programming.

Questions or ideas?

667-7083 or

Play Group

Parents & Tots

Play, socialize, have fun!

If you are interested in revitalizing this program please contact Agnes at 667-7083 or email


with Jess Sellers

Mondays, 7 - 8 pm
Starting January 8th
Drop-in class, by donation

Connecting our breath with our bodies. A short series focused on alignment and movement.

All levels welcome - beginners and co!

For more info call 667-7083 or Email


Northern Backyard Garden &
Mt. Lorne Smallholder Group present:
Backyard Garden Design

Saturday, March 24th, 11 am - 2 pm

Summer plans for our group

  • where to go and what to do
  • Interested in joining us? Come and check it out.

Backyard Garden Design

that is based upon ecological principles requires thought, patience, and adherence to a good design process.

  1. Articulation of goals
  2. Base mapping
  3. Inventory and assessment
  4. Concept designs
  5. Plant list
  6. Master plan

We will check out some design examples and talk about how this could work for us.

Bring your ideas.

Potluck as usual. Bring a local treat. Free event but give us a heads up if you are planning to come. See you there.

For more info call 667-7083 or Email


Intro to Northern Beekeeping

with Etienne Tardiff, Yukon Beekeeper

Saturday / Sunday, April 28th - 29th
Cost: $200 / person

Come spend the weekend learning about beekeeping in the north. We will spend day 1 covering the basics of beekeeping and how to start. During day 2 we will cover northern beekeeping topics and then head over to one of my bee yards to learn the basics of setting up your bee yard and handling bees.

Beekeeping Course Content

Gear, hive equipment and bees. Apiary placement, bee biology, installing your 1st Nuc or bee package, spring, summer and fall management, hive inspection. Diseases and pests - types and identification, monitoring and treatment. Honey, nectar, pollen and pollination - bee nutrition - Yukon Bee Plants / Bee Garden Basics, honey properties (nectar - honeydew). Honey harvesting basics, Newbie Dos and Don'ts.

For more info or to register: Visit Yukon Beekeeping Networking Group
Call 867-334-2575 or Email


Learning Lions - Fall 2017

Learning Lions is starting up again this year.

All homeschoolers welcome, and those interested in homeschooling too!
Fridays, 1:30 - 3:30 pm

October 6 - We will meet and greet. Do some planning and play some games. (Perhaps frisbee golf if weather permits)

October 13 - Agnes will be teaching food preservation with the kids

Give us a heads up if you are interested or have question . . . or just drop in!

For more info or to register please call 667-7083 or Email

Learning Lion chefs

Learning Lion chefs.

Music Camp 2017.

Music Camp 2017

Music Camp 2017

We had great programming and events throughout this year and

LMCA would like to thank:

YTG - Community Youth Activities

Lotteries Yukon - Community Lottery Program

Sports and Recreation Department YTG / Community Services for all their support in keeping our great facilities going!

Growing Forward 2 / YTG Agriculture Branch for supporting our Northern Backyard Garden Series

CPVSTF - Crime Prevention Victim Service Trust Fund for our Moms and Girls Club

Heritage Canada - Canada Day Celebration funding


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