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Shannon at the Country Kitchen Party

LMCA Country Kitchen Party

Kim at the Country Kichen Party at LMCC

Lindy-Jo at the Country Kichen Party at LMCC

Nicole performing at the Country Kichen Party

Nicole Edwards at the LMCC Country Kitchen Partty

Duncan performing at the Country Kitchen Party

LMCC Country Kitchen Party

Al at the Country Kitchen Party

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Mt. Lorne Harvest Market

By us - for us!

Tuesday, september 26, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Local produce fresh from our gardeners for your winter pantry!


Stock up on potatoes, carrots, red beets, leeks and cabbages

5 pound bags available at market or ORDER beforehand - call 667-7083


Various ferments - saurkraut, dried teas, mixed dried greens, gluten free treats and chocolates, sourdough breads, antipasta, kimchi, salsa, Tum Tums Sausages and meats, jams and jellies, pickles, artwork, local honey, Mt. Lorne coffee by Bean North

Community Kitchen Concession

  • Borscht from our community garden
  • Pizza - veggie or pepperoni
  • Potato, leek and salmon gratin
  • Curried rotrolls with raita
  • Cookies, plum cake AND
  • Special treat: Boreal Forest Cake (cranberry and chocolate - our own version of Balck Forest Cake)

Just drop in, coffee is on!

Cooking Local All Year Round
Processing Your Garden Bounty
Free demo 4:30 - 6:30

Tips and info on Canning, Freezing and Dehydrating

Essentials of preserving, home canning safely, high and low acid foods, tools and equipment and samples too.

Pressure Canning

Meat, fish, mixed vegetables and more

We have room for local vendors . . .

Please contact Agnes to sign up 667-7083 or Email

Mt. Lorne Community Day

"Absolutely Inspired"

Sunday, October 1st, 1 - 5 pm

Did you know that we have many active groups in our community?

6 Mt. Lorne community groups are joining together for a special community building event.

  • Lorne Mt. Community Association
  • Mt. Lorne Food Growers - Summer Market and Smallholder Group
  • Mt. Lorne Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mt. Lorne Co-housing
  • Mt. Lorne Transformation Station

It's your chance to meet all of us! Find out who we are, what we do, how you can participate.

We'll be talking garbage, land planning, food security, recycling, fire safety, co-housing, recreation, local government and much more!

Join us for an afternoon of sharing, learning and fun.

Fun Activities - Food - Info Stations - Door Prizes

More info? Call 667-7083 or Email

Mt. Lorne Smallholder Group

Saturday, October 21st, 4 pm on

Harvest potluck - all your best stuff.

And we will talk a bit about how the year went. Some data on weather and what happened there. Some info on all the "pests" we saw this year. And what are the next steps?

If you have any ideas, plans, suggestions - come on in.

Sunday, November 19th, TTBD - more on that soon.

For November we wil present a film night


A documentary on a permaculture farm in Sweden.

More info? Call 667-7083 or Email


Ingestible Festival 2017

Was a great success !!


  • to all the local chefs that brought in entries and shared these local delights
    We had more than 60 entries to admire and enjoy  yeah !
  • to all the volunteers that help make this happen

Around 20 volunteers were involved – from planing to making it happen and serving !!

This event would not happen without your help !!!


Ingestible Festival 2017


We had great programming and events throughout this year and

LMCA would like to thank:

YTG Youth Directorate - Community Youth Activities

Lotteries Yukon - Community Lottery Program

Heritage Canada - Canada Day Celebration support


  • YTG Arts Fund for our Summer Sunshine Arts Series
  • Fire Smart YTG Community Services for Fire Smart 2013
  • Sports and Recreation Department YTG / Community Services for all their contributions

For more info. or 667-7083

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