Mt. Lorne Transformation Station

Winter Hours

Start October 15th

Saturday/Sunday 10 - 6

Monday 7 - 3

Summer Hours

Start April 8th

Friday 7 - 3

Saturday/Sunday 10 - 6

Monday 7 - 3


Please note that returns will not be available after 3pm on all days!!!

Fire training at Mile 9 Dumps 2009 Dumpster Dining

Fire training at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Fire training at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Fire training at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

BBQ at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.Garage Sale at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.Bike Clinic at the Mile 9 Dump 2009 Dumpster Dining.

(aka Mile 9 Dump, Mt. Lorne Dump, Robinson Dump)

NOTE: no phone, no email - please contact on site, in person

Track our solar power production . . .

The Dump News - Summer 2015

Just a note about the dump - We aren't really a dump at all !

We have no room to be a dump, we are surrounded by properties, we have  no room and no material to bury garbage and so we aren't a landfill.So we are closed or we are a transfer station! A transfer station (which is what we are since we're not closed) means everything you bring is transferred to Whitehorse, either as garbage, which is an expense, for transporting and for disposal (tipping fees). Or as recycling, which is a revenue, a credit, for diverting stuff from filling up landfills. (not to mention resource savings, ghg reductions etc)

So please recycle, divert, as much as you can
from the expense side of the equation.

It's easier than you think ALL paper in one bag or container, all plastic in another, and that is most of your garbage! And besides all the environmental reasons for doing it,  it saves money too!

Just a  note about metal  :

The metal bin has been taken away,  in large part because a few people have been throwing garbage, insulation, oil containers etc. into the bin as well as metal.So we no longer are able to accept metal at Mt. Lorne!

However we are working towards implementing a new system in the early summer once the ground has thawed and we can do some site work This new system will require people to check in with attendants and again NOT throw garbage, insulation, oil containers etc into in with the metal. There will be segregated areas for fridges, other appliances, sheet metal etc. that must be used properly or once again we may lose the metal pile!

So this means we can't accept metal until the site work has been completed, hopefully by the end of May.  Until then metal can be taken to Carcross, Tagish, Whitehorse or Marsh Lake sites or directly to Sale Salvage at the cutoff.

Just a  note about large items like mattresses and couches  :

Again we are a transfer station, not a landfill and so we cant handle large not recyclable items that can't go into the compactor, such as mattresses, large chairs and couches.  These items must be transferred (either by you or by us) to another site that can landfill them.  So we ask you to save these big items up (unless in great shape for reuse) and next time you go that way, take to Carcross, Tagish, Whitehorse or Marsh Lake sites which have room landfilling capabilities - and hopefully save us some time and trips.

Thank you all for helping us recycle and divert as much as we can.  

A last note about the dump....

Were going to be having our

AGM at 11 am on MAY 23rd right at the dump!

We'll walk you around and show you our plans and new ideas and energy is always welcome!

See you there…

Al Foster ( Hamlet council) nominated Mike Bailie for his work at our local Transformation Station for the Zero Waste Project Local Heroes. Mike's nomination was accepted. Check it out . . .

Our Zero Hero

Local artist's funky song about our Free Store

New bins are  coming - three paper bins - these new bins will be located at the beginning of the garbage dumpsters so we want people to have a heads up ..

1 for Cardboard
1 for mixed paper
1 for news print
Bins will also be coming for :
1 for glass
1 for mixed plastic
1 for pete 1
1 for tin
1 for tetra packs
1 for milk jugs
1 for wax cartoons
1 for aluminum can s

 Compost will be in the big metal building only from now on (instead of the pallet composter at the beginning)

What's up at the Dump?

We have a big red dumpster or roll off for waste metal. All metal can be deposited in this bin and it will be recycled. However, if material other than metal is put in the bin, like regular garbage, old couches, wood, etc. then it will not be able to be recycled and we will no longer have this bin for metal. This means we will no longer be accepting metal at the dump.

So please, METAL ONLY in the big red dumpster and we will all benefit.

Organics is material such as cat litter and dog waste that is natural and will decompose given the chance. But it is material that you wouldn't put in the compost, unless you had a huge (commercial sized) compost pile that reaches temperatures high enough to kill all the foreign organisms

So please, put organic material in the organics pit.

Ask attendant for details or watch for the new signs going up

Organics Include:

cat litter
Dog waste
Straw bedding
Wood ashes (including nails)
Paper - contaminated paper that can't be recycled i.e. toilet paper, fast food wrapping etc.
Small yard waste


We have been getting an awful lot of material for the reuse area lately and this is good. However, if the item dropped off is not really reusable, this material has to be taken to the landfill. This is done on a volunteer basis as there is no money for this.

Reusable items that are not reusable, usually mattresses and furniture in not very good shape, cost us more than $70 per ton and cannot go into the dumpsters for transfer.

So please, make sure that items dropped off for reuse are actually reusable or you will be asked to take them to another site that can deal with these items.

How can we increase our Recycling

Let’s face it. It can be a little overwhelming trying to find room and containers to separate our waste into 10 or 15 categories of recyclables.

So make it easy on yourself. Almost all of the stuff we buy and the packaging it is wrapped up in, is made of either some kind of paper product, plastic product or glass or metal. All of these products are entirely recyclable, so really all we need is 3 recycle containers and of course one compost container.

Plastic – all plastic! Yogurt containers, plastic bags, packaging, shrink wrap, bubble wrap etc. Please put plastic bags into one larger plastic bag or inside other plastic containers so they don’t blow around.

Paper - All, yes all, paper can go into this container – magazines, boxboard, old books, cards, junk mail, newspaper.

Cans and bottles – all glass and tin containers and all refundables can go in this container and be quickly separated at the recycling center for your refunds.

And of course compost- compost comprises the majority of most peoples garbage and is the reason that garbage is heavy, messy, smelly and dirty. .

However it is much cleaner and easier to just put all food scraps and leftovers etc. into a bucket with a lid. Your garbage is lighter, smaller, and way less messy. And you have compost for your garden

NOTE: The reason that recycling centers want more separation of materials is that recycling centers sell recyclables to factories who use them as raw materials to manufacture new products. The more separated the recyclables are the higher the selling price. Hard core recyclers will therefore separate #1 PETE plastic into its own category as this material can sell for over $300 a tonne as opposed to $20-30 a tonne for mixed plastic. But PETE plastic can go in with all the other plastic as well. The same is true of the various paper recycling categories.

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