In an Emergency call 911 and ask for the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department

MLVFD 2013/2014

Fire Chief
Colin O'Neill

Deputy Chief
Claire Desmarais


Bill Dunn

Werner Walcher

Judy Beaumont


Peter Percival

Benton Foster

Santiana Guiresse-Duperou

Ralph Palmer

Lauren Barrett

Fire Hall (non-emergency)
Office, Fax, Messages

Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (MLVFD)

Be Prepared


  • Clean chimneys on a regular basis
  • Check all smoke and carbon dioxide detectors when we set our clocks back in the Fall
  • Stack firewood, propane bottles and gas cans away from your residence
  • Make sure driveways are well-marked with some sort of sign and reflectors at the entrance
  • Make sure driveway is wide enough and plowed well enough for any emergency vehicle to drive in and turn around. If we can’t drive there with our pumper, we can set up at a big enough space up to 800 ft. from your residence and pump water that long distance. This will take valuable time to set up.

  • Have an escape plan and make sure every member of the household is familiar with that route. Practice plan twice a year.
  • Have a designated meeting place
  • Have a complete set of warm clothing for every member of the household stored in an structure other than the main residence
  • Have a battery operated radio and regular phone (non cordless) on hand in case of power failure
  • If you must use candles, make sure to keep away from flammable materials, such as curtains, and out of reach from young children and pets

Response to a fire July 4, 2012:


  • Rake combustible materials, such as leaves and pine cones, from around your buildings
  • Do more FireSmarting around your property and remove a few more trees, especially in a 30 ft./10 metre circle around buildings
  • Trim limbs 2.5 metres from bottom of trees
  • If possible, keep a water source close by – sprinkler system, pump in creek etc.
  • Obtain a free burning permit (for your burning barrel and any slash burns) between April 1st and September 30th from the Southern Lakes District office of Protective Services. THIS IS MANDATORY.

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