In an Emergency call 911 and ask for the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department

MLVFD 2013/2014

Fire Chief
Colin O'Neill

Deputy Chief
Claire Desmarais


Bill Dunn

Werner Walcher

Judy Beaumont


Peter Percival

Benton Foster

Santiana Guiresse-Duperou

Ralph Palmer

Lauren Barrett

Fire Hall (non-emergency)
Office, Fax, Messages


Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (MLVFD)


In 1985, a house fire, just outside Whitehorse city limits, was the catalyst for the formation of numerous rural volunteer fire departments in the Yukon. The fire was just feet outside the city limits and city firefighters were not legally permitted to cross that boundary.

10 and 15 year awardsAnd so began a movement to create fire protection in suburbs and rural areas. Golden Horn Volunteer Fire Department was the first in 1985. In 1992, a survey was done in the newly formed Hamlet of Mount Lorne. This was followed by a petition in 1993, which was presented to the Government of Yukon.

They signed an agreement with the newly formed Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department Society in late 1994 to supply the land, building and equipment.

MLVFD covers an area bounded by Kookatsoon Lake to the North, Lewes Lake to the South and the Wheaton River bridge 25 km down the Annie Lake Road to the West. This area contains approximately 165 households.

Our first Fire Chief was Liz Row. A small group of dedicated volunteers began training in 1995 at the nearby Golden Horn Volunteer Fire Department.

Old and new chiefs 2012By the time our firehall was officially opened on January 12, 1996, Dave Dowie was the Fire Chief and Rod Moore the Deputy Fire Chief. We had a brand spanking new building, spotless turn-out gear and an old 1977 Ford Cabover with an 800 gallon tank and a 125 HP pump. Dave remained our Chief for eight years and is now a full-time fire fighter for the City of Whitehorse.

He was followed by Ron Adams, who served as Fire Chief from 2004 until 2009. He also went on to be a full-time fire fighter at Whitehorse International Airport, before moving away from the Yukon.

Werner Walcher and Claire Desmarais made a good team from 2009 to 2012. They devoted countless hours to plan training, incident scenarios and maintain the commraderie of the department. At the AGM in October 2012, they retired and returned to firefighter status. Mark Lutkehaus and Colin O'Neill took over and we look forward to the new generation of ideas and enthusiasm.

MLVFD fire hall sign


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