Hamlet of Mt. Lorne

Hamlet of Mt. Lorne

Located on the South Klondike Highway in Yukon's Southern Lake Region

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Whitehorse February 17th 2021

Please note we are currently not accepting any additional summer rentals 2021 for our facility !

Covid Rental Policy Document: LMCC rental covid policy Feb 1st 21

Update for already registered hall rental reservations 2021

Hello folks- while we all were/are hoping for better news for the upcoming

Summer rental season at LMCC- at this time we do not expect the restrictions and regulations regarding social gatherings to change substantially .

Current regulations/ policies for rental events at LMCC are :

· Indoor gatherings up to 10 people with social distancing in place

· Indoor events up to 25 people- with preorganized seating only

( no mingling or party style events possible )

· Outdoor events up to 50 people- with operational plan in place

· Maximum 3 people in kitchen

· No potlucks, self serve buffets or similar- all refreshments and foods need to be served with restaurant guidelines in mind

· Groups over 10 need to show a covid plan approved by covid group YG

· Person in charge of event needs to agree to, sign and follow the provided LMCA policy for rental use ( find sample attached )

· Masks are currently mandatory in facility !!

We acknowledge that this will most likely not work for the event you are looking forward to having this summer. We will hold your date and will return your deposit at any point if you decide to cancel.


Carcross Tagish Renewable Resource Council – CTRRC Update
Updated Southern Lakes Caribou webpage and the other is a link to the Regional Assessment of Wildlife in the Yukon Southern Lakes Area. They are trying to get local residents better informed about their regional wildlife. You might find it interesting to look at the recent herd activity section.Caribou: http://yukon.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=94e97fc1c92142e0b1b263d71e3355b0#  Assessment report : https://yukon.ca/sites/yukon.ca/files/env/env-regional-assessment-wildlife-yukon-southern-lakes-volume-2.pdf


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The great things our community youth are up to . . .

and come back to share with us! Julian, our last years youth programmer, just dropped by with all his great stories about his time in Berlin at the dance academy – and he has a video to prove it. Awesome Julian and have a great time in Zuerich! (His next adventure.)