LMCA Strategic Planning Workshop 2011

LMCA logoLMCA Strategic Planning workshop 2011

LMCA Board of Directors organized a strategic planning workshop in March 2011 with the help of local facilitator Lyn Hartley

The idea was for a strategic plan discussion to:
  • Provide a road map to show where the association is going and how we will get there.
  • Ensure our valuable resources such as time, talent and money will be properly allocated to those activities that will provide the most benefit for our community.
  • Identify opportunities and potentials.
  • Allow for identification of our operational goals and strategies in regard to facilities and services and outline solutions for facility maintenance, replacement and staffing.
LMCA would like to thank:
  • Lyn Hartley for her input, professional expertise and for keeping us focused and motivated throughout the process, and having lot s of fun at the same time
  • Yukon Volunteer Bureau and Advanced Education YTG– for providing the funding through NGO training fund that allowed us to organize this project.
  • And all the volunteers, members and board members that gave their time, opinions and efforts. You all make our community such a great place to live!
Strategic plan process :

We started out with seeking input from all stakeholders, March 14. 18 long term members and involved volunteers showed up to our meeting. STAKEHOLDER MEETING NOTES

Sunday, March 20th – A full day of planning workshop at Karen’s House (THANK YOU Karen!!) saw 6 board members exploring our mandate, organizational values, discussions on who LMCA serves and represents as well as ideas on our vision and the crossroads we currently encounter. FIRST PLANNING SESSION NOTES

Sunday, March 27th – Another full day again saw 7 board members and members discussing LMCA priorities on membership, facilities, staff issues and developing plans for the upcoming year as well as ideas on how we can keep our grass roots organization base and values and at the same time provide great professional services to our community. SECOND PLANNING SESSION NOTES

Please find notes on all meetings attached

Outcome of strategic planning workshop

We revisited and updated our mandate:

As a member driven organization LMCA’s mandate is to provide the facilities and coordinate recreational opportunities that promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage family participation, ensure opportunities for youth employment and training while supporting goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

2011 at LMCC will be a year of stabilization

For staff – after an extremely busy year in 2010 we need to adjust the programming, available events and services at LMCC to the -back to normal – staff hours.

For facilities – we are set to develop a 5 year plan of upkeep and repairs to existing structures before we embark on any new additions. Andy Lera and Dave Bouquot will be heading up a Maintenance Committee that will take on this task. Want to join ???

Back to Basics at LMCC

LMCA developed as a grassroots organization, run by members and volunteers and we would like to reconnect with this spirit of ownership and reciprocity – while being able to offer professional maintained facilities and services to our members and community.

To find out how to merge these two worlds we are looking for volunteers to join our newly founded Membership Drive Committee

LMCA business plan

LMCA board and staff have developed a business plan that reflects our facilities, services, users and programs and our upcoming opportunities, challenges as well as a analysis and ideas on how to meet these challenges. LMCA BUSINESS PLAN

And as always …we need people to make it all happen…
So come on out and become an LMCA Board Member

Our AGM is coming up on May 18th and we need some more board members. The present board is a very active, open-minded and knowledgeable group and the board meetings are productive, enjoyable and of course have tasty snacks provided by Agnes.

For more information on how you can get involved, check out Volunteer Opportunities.

Comments? Ideas? Input appreciated! Please contact us at lmca@northwestel.net or 667-7083