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Volunteers are at the heart of all the things happening in our great community . . .

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Lorne Mountain Community Center

Paid and Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for members to get involved with the Lorne Mountain Community Center. We are an excellent organization who provides quality services in the area of community recreation. We are looking for people who want to help us meet our mandate of:

Providing the facilities and recreational opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage family participation, ensure opportunities for youth employment and training while supporting goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteering at the Lorne Mountain Community Center is a very rewarding experience. If you are looking for ways to put the philosophy of “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally” into practice this is a great way to accomplish that goal. The Lorne Mountain Community Association is looking for ways to put the community back into Community Center and the best way we can do that is to help you get involved. Here are some great options.

LMCA Board Member

The present board is “small but mighty”. Right now we are 5 very active, open-minded and knowledgeable board members and the board meetings are productive, enjoyable and of course have tasty snacks provided by Agnes. However, 5 is not enough – we need your help!

  • Attend monthly meetings (if you are away we will miss you but continue on without you)
  • Contribute to the decision-making process about present and future Lorne Mountain Community Center business in whatever capacity you choose to volunteer for.
  • Obtain a strong understanding of the workings of an amazing community center
  • Be able to participate in shaping the direction of the Lorne Mountain Community Center
  • Know that your contribution is making a difference in your community

Membership Drive Committee Member

Lorne Mountain Community Center has a great number of users but not so many members. We are ready to have lot’s more people consider themselves a member of our awesome association by paying their annual membership fee and filling out a registration form. We are working on ideas about how to do this but would love some help.

  • Join the membership committee and help develop ideas about how to attract more users to become members
  • Be present at events to answer questions about membership and collect fees and membership forms
  • Use your marketing creativity in a very useful way
  • Make a great contribution to the Lorne Mountain Community Center in helping us increase revenue and community involvement

Contact Agnes at 667-7083 lmca@northwestel.net

Maintenance Committee Member

Do you love talking about tools? Can you not get enough of renovation projects? Well, we need your expertise. There are many jobs to accomplish to keep the facilities at the Lorne Mountain Community Center in tip-top shape. We need knowledgeable people to help create a 5 year plan for all the maintenance jobs on the facility and equipment.

  • Attend about 6 meetings/ year
  • Help create the 5 year maintenance plan
  • Help organize the two volunteer work parties per year
  • Hang out with a great group of community members and have animated discussions about maintenance and repairs
  • Use your skills and expertise to keep the community center safe for all the users

Contact Agnes at 667-7083 lmca@northwestel.net

If any of these positions interest you or if you would like more information please contact Agnes at 667-7083 or lmca@northwestel.net

Looking for Mt. Lorne residents interested in taking the lead and revitalizing these initiatives:

Compost Club

LMCA compost club project is . . .

  • Turning our waste into organic compost for our gardens.
  • Open to anyone who is interested.
  • A test project that we monitor for temperature, quality and timing. We will test the end product for nutrient levels and microbial life.
  • Constructed mostly from re-used materials, volunteer labour.
  • A club with a $20 membership and some donated time to help ensure clean compost.

Emergency Committee

The Community Emergency Committee(CEC) works with the Yukon Government Emergency Measures Organization to achieve two things:

  • to plan ahead in the event of a community emergency and have a plan in place for different kinds of events (wildfire, long power outage, hazardous materials, earthquake, etc.), and
  • to be adequately trained to be able to support and assist responding agencies who come to the scene and to mobilize our own resources.

Mt. Lorne is a great community to live in, but there are some distinct challenges to contend with should something go wrong. For instance, most people have only one access road from their place to the highway. We are spread out, in mostly thick forest, and often at the ends of long roads that are not always vehicle-friendly. These kinds of issues have led us to begin to work together and with the Yukon Government Emergency Measures Organization to think ahead and prepare what we can.

LMCC Play Group – Parents & Tots

Play, socialize, have fun!

Wildwood Music Festival

Interested in reviving the Wildwood Music Festival?
This successful little fair has fallen by the wayside due to lack of organizers. Do you appreciate local music and art and would like to see this festival stay in the community?

Interested in rejuvinating any of the above? Contact Agnes: lmca@northwestel.net or 667-7083




If you can help, contact Agnes: lmca@northwestel.net or 667-7083