Youth Employment Opportunities

Got an idea for a youth night at LMCC? Movies, cooking, sports, dance? Become a Youth Coordinator for a night (or more) and make it happen. 6 hour job for planning and running one event.
Call for Youth Event Ideas for all of 2016. Got anything you would like to see happen? or organize? Now is the time to let us know!
Do you have any other ideas for youth projects? Contact me and lets talk.

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Lots of equipment for youth activities available – talk to us…

Roaring Rapids Challenge
Roaring Rapids Challenge – 60 coloured stepping rounds to cross a roaring river. Set it as difficult or easy as you want and start a game.
Slackline Set
Slackline Set – 2 lines to choose from; one small, one wide with tree pads. Come and test your balance
Parachute and Parachute Play Kit
Parachute and Parachute Play Kit – Our small one for 6 – 8 people and the big one for 18 and balls and rubber chicken to use with it.