Mt. Lorne Transfer Station (TS)

The purpose of the Mount Lorne Transfer Station is to deal with waste in a responsible manner. We try to minimize true waste and maximize materials finding their way back into production or extended use. We are interested in the diversion of materials from landfills or (egad!) roadsides and other property. We explore and sometimes manage ways and means to reduce the flow and volume of things into waste streams that might appear to have no use.

Reduce. Reclaim. Reuse. Recycle.

We accept these materials:

  • Corrogated Cardboard
  • White Styrofoam (clean)
  • Plastic #1 (often clear, P.E.T.E.)
  • Plastic #2 (cloudy or white)
  • Hard Plastics (all other)
  • Soft Plastics (plastic bags, packaging, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc.) Put plastic bags into one larger plastic bag or inside other plastic containers so they don’t blow around.
  • Beverage Containers (glass, plastic, tetrapak, aluminum, tin)
  • Tin Cans (clean please)
  • Glass Jars (clean please)
  • Paper (white, coloured, glossy, newsprint, boxboard)
  • Metal
  • Wood – no PWF (green), chipwood, pressboard or particle board
  • Organics (animal and vegetable waste, cat litter, dog waste, straw bedding, wood ashes (including nails), contaminated paper that can’t be recycled ie. tolet paper, small yard waste)
  • Tires
  • Brush
  • Electronics
  • Household Hazardous Waste (oil, known (labelled) chemicals, paint, batteries, ink cartrides, smoke detectors, fluorescent lightbulbs)
  • Free Store: Anything that can fit in your vehicle and still be used or needs minor repair. Clothes, tools, equipment, books, toys, dishes, household, materials, etc. If broken, please indicate.
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT construction waste, mattresses, vehicles or other materials not listed. Please take these to a landfill.

Reducing Garbage

We ask Yukoners who use the TS to think about how to reduce the amount of materials going into the garbage – into the blue compactor. Can there be further separation? Can something be fixed or left at the Free Store in case someone else can fix it? Can it be traded, sold or given away? Can food scraps be composted?

Separate materials

We’re working on being more efficient and increasing separation of materials. If you’re not sure where it goes, just ask us.

Special items

If you have household hazardous waste, tires, appliances, lumber or wood, brush, or special items, speak to the attendant before dropping it off. We’re happy to help.

Funding and support for the TS comes from Yukon Government, Community Services. We also earn some revenue from the deposits on beverage containers (and a little bit more when people donate them to us .)