Transfer Station Updates

Transfer Station Updates

May 2019

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the tender for Mt. Lorne Transfer station and will be continuing to manage our amazing site.
We want to say a giant thank you for the huge amount of support we received from the community and beyond in the form of letters and many chats at the transfer station.
We are so excited to continue to work with our community and look forward to the future of Mt. Lorne Transfer Station.
~ Mike Bailie and the Mt. Lorne Team
Mike Bailie recycling

November 2018

Snow is on the ground and winter is coming.

Change is in the air.

It’s been an incredibly busy last couple of years with large increases in the usage of our site in all areas. Much much more material for the free store areas. More recycling, more refunds, more donations – thank you all!!! Which is good, but it also means a lot more paint and oil, and e-waste, household hazardous waste, wood and metal (and unfortunately non wood and non metal) in the metal and wood piles.

This is significantly increasing costs and will likely lead to changes in the Territorial approach to Solid Waste Management in the Yukon. If you are interested please check out the following link: Solid Waste Report

For now, for us it has also necessitated changes, such as a chain across the road access to the metal, wood, construction bins and tire piles. It has also resulted in the closure of our wood pile. The wood pile has been crushed and buried and we cannot add any material to it.Wood and construction materials, for now, can be deposited in the Green or Black bins down by the brush pile. These bins when full will be transported to another transfer station that has the capacity and ability to bury this material.

We also cannot accept tires with rims on them. The tires must be removed from the rims, and then both the tire and rim can be recycled. If not, neither can be recycled until they are separated.

So thanks for all your support and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!