Contact MLVFD

MLVFD logIf you have an emergency call 911 from a safe location.

Tell the 911 operator you have an emergency and need the MOUNT LORNE FIRE DEPARTMENT

The 911 operator will transfer the call to Delta 1 who will activate the paging system and ask the following questions:

  • What is the exact location of your emergency?
  • What is your phone number in case we are disconnected?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • What is your emergency? (structure or wildland fire or vehicle accident)
  • Is everyone safely out of the structure or out of the vehicle?
  • Can you send someone to the end of your driveway, so we can find you faster?
  • Get out and stay out – help is on the way.

We hope you never need to use the 911 emergency system. Follow these instructions and help will arrive as quickly as possible.

Not an emergency? Have some questions or concerns? Need info?

Firehall Office / Fax / Messages: 667-5008 – Messages are checked once a week.
Fire Chief: Lucile Fressigné at 581-777-7190
Deputy Fire Chief: Lianna Grice at 613-530-7977
Firehall location: #21 Robinson Subdivision Road
Mailing Address: Mt. Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (MLVFD)
Box 10009
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 7A1